Wednesday, February 22, 2012


If you've never had an opportunity to tour a modular home factory and see first hand the quality that goes into building one, here are just two videos of many on YouTube that give you a better than average view of how a modular home is built on an assembly line. 

What you won't see in these videos is rain, snow or wind during construction.  What you will see are the results of what dedicated skilled labor can accomplish in building your new modular home.

The first video is from Signature Modular Homes.  One of the most interesting things about this video is the "proofing" Signature does with their homes by actually fitting adjoining modules together in the factory to insure accurate fit for the builder on the jobsite.

The second video is longer than most of the ones I've ever seen at over 18 minutes but in this one Larry Lant, Sales Manager for Heckaman Homes gives you a tour of his factory on a day when nobody is working on the production floor.  It's like getting your own private tour.

And if you would like to see the new PNC (PA's PBS) 33 minute video of Excel Home's factory, just CLICK HERE

These three videos will help you see that modular homes the most efficient way to build your next home and they offer quality construction every day in every new home.

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