Thursday, February 9, 2012


Champion Commercial Structures, a wholly owned division of Champion Home Builders, is going after the commercial side of the modular business with plans to build a couple of hotels for La Quinta.  They are also looking to build multi-resident units for the oil industry in Montana and the Dakotas.

Until now, most of their commercial work has been for Military bases and a few large multi-residential projects.

"Our company is the first modular builder to commit to offering competitive modular construction solutions anywhere in North America," said Champion Home Builders CEO Jack Lawless. "With a centralized technical team, growing commercial dealer base, and access to 16 manufacturing plants across the country, we believe we are changing the way people look at construction. We offer a single point of contact for construction projects in any location and we believe this is why we have been chosen to support multiple large scale commercial projects." 
Champion Commercial Structures - Big Horn Mountain hotel project
The only problem with that statement is that there is a big rival for that market in the form of IDBS, the commercial division of HIG, the private equity company that owns Excel Homes, All American Homes and Mod-U-Kraf.  These factories have been turning out commercial modular structures for many years.

IDBS - Ferrum College dorms weathered in
IDBS - Ferrum College dorms completed

Champion does seem to be rebounding from its bankruptcy and the huge Canadian lawsuit.  I wish them good luck in their new ventures.


dt@livableartpartners said...

Hey Coach - what Canadien lawsuit do you refer to? Any links you can share?

Coach said...

dt, here's the link.