Friday, March 9, 2012

10 Simple Rules for Every Modular Home Builder

There are some rules you should never break.  Here are 10 that every modular home builder needs to live by to survive in the post-recession housing market that appears to be starting this year.

  1. Target your market!  You can't be all things to all people.  Narrow your focus and you'll broaden your appeal.
  2. Dare to be Different!  Just because your competitors are doing it....don't!  There are a lot of small builders doing the same kind of advertising and marketing.  Stretch your wings and stand out from the crowd.
  3. Build a Winning Team!  Even if you a one person show, find the best accountant, attorney and business advisor you can afford.  It's harder to fail if many hands pull the sled.
  4. Be Responsive!  Time is your customer's most precious commodity.  Under promise and over deliver!  Return phone calls and emails promptly.
  5. Politeness Counts!  Say "Thank You".... a lot.  Tell your subs, employees and customers how much you appreciate them.  Send them a card or letter once in awhile.
  6. Be Consistent!  Don't let your customers see or hear anything but your best.  They like to feel that they are dealing with a great builder with a sound business.
  7. Smile!  People don't buy from you because of price, product quality or your wonderful warranty.  They buy from you because they like you.
  8. Great Attitude!  Fanatical Optimism is required in this business.  Any less and you will bring down your business. 
  9. Soft Sell!  Solve their problems.  Satisfy their wants and needs.  Don't ever hard sell.....those days are gone!
  10. Get Restless!  Never accept the idea this this is the way it's always done.  Constantly look for new ideas and procedures.

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