Saturday, March 17, 2012

GOOGLE Blurs Paterno's Face

As a lifelong fan of everything Penn State, I grew up with Joe Paterno in my life.  I watched football games in the old Beaver Field before there ever was a Beaver Stadium.  I met Rip Engle, JoePa's predecessor, once when I was 12 and became a Penn State fan on the spot.

Yesterday I Googled Beaver Stadium and went to the street view of Porter Road where JoePa'a statue watches the rising sun every morning.  As I traveled up the street I noticed how crisp and sharp the pictures were including one of the approach to the statue. 

Then imagine my shock when I got to the frontal view of JoePa and saw that his face was blurred out! 

Everything else in the picture was clear.  (BTW, the camera stops just past the statue, so I am assuming that the camera car driver knew the significance of that spot on the road)

Was it just a camera malfunction, a natural blur because of the camera mounted to a car that was traveling at slow speed past an important spot for Penn State fans or was it intentional? 

I really don't care why, I just want Google to fix it.  With hundreds of thousands of JoePa fans wanting a look at this statue, why is the face the only thing blurred in the frame?

Crisp in-focus view as you approach JoePa's statue
Notice the blurred face on the full frontal shot

Who is this person?  Notice how clear everything else is in the photo including his jacket and tie.


Dennis Liu said...

It's not because Google has anything against Paterno. Rather, due to privacy complaints, Google automatically blurs ALL human faces in street view. The statue is so life-like, google's algorithm must have determined it's an actual human, so blurred it automatically.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry that shame lead the coach to an early grave but I don’t understand how anyone can stand up for a man that witnessed what he did and kept working with a serial child rapist to protect a football program. He did the rite thing by reporting it but when no action was taken he had the responsibility to alert law enforcement until it stopped. This is what I call the “jock mentality”. I lettered in three sports as a freshman but when I realized what the jocks were capable of I split as quickly as possible! I also grew up watching Yaz at Fenway Park in Boston every weekend with my Dad, Grandfather and brothers. Fenway was my church and Yaz my hero. But if Yaz caught Carlton Fisk diddling a little boys without doing EVERYTHING in his power to stop it I would’ve written him off immediately! Please help me understand you’re stance? Would you be sticking up for Coach P if you or your son were violated at the Penn State football facility? It blows my mind when I see the Penn State fans diehards trying to hold onto one big disgusting lie? I also feel that this is not the forum for this topic.