Friday, March 23, 2012

LGA Recruiters Sees Improvement in Modular Houisng Industry

I had one of the most positive conversations today about the state of the modular housing industry.   

Lynn Gromann of LGA Recruiters told me that modular home factories are increasing their requests about recruiting for their factories.

It may be the early warm Spring or it just might be the pent-up urges to buy a new house but either way her phone is ringing with both systems built factories and the people that have experience in running and selling for them picking up.

This is a good indication that new home building is beginning to pick up.  People looking for positions in factory sales and management are contacting her as are the factories looking for qualified people for an expanding workforce.  Hang on folks, we just might be starting to see the beginnings of a mini housing boom!

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Edward Hamill said...

Great news! I chose this industry as a CAREER, not just a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and am looking forward to good things to come!

As far as sales go, I see a great improvement in Florida. We have been building more and more GREEN homes with features such as solar, spray foam and no-voc paints! It is a great direction for the future!

Ed Hamill
Palm Harbor Homes