Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Modular Home Factories Ready to Help Their Builders

Putting your hand in the housing market wading pool will give you both a warm and a cool feeling.

On the one hand, demand is still weak: mortgage applications are down, housing prices have continued to fall, and rising foreclosures could depress them even further.

On the other hand, single-family home construction is no longer in free fall, delinquencies are down, and residential real-estate investment -- including new home building and renovations -- has picked up for the first time in years.

Site builders are really having a tougher time than modular home builders.  After so many years of depressed sales, the site builders don't have the resources available to them as quickly as they had prior to 2008.  Modular home builders still have the full resources of their factories to support and help them climb out of the bottom of well. 

The factories have always and will always be there for their builders and that's something that site builders need to realize coming into this new "normal" of homebuilding.

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