Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Unique Concept to Help Refugees Around the World

Manhattan-based architects Suzan Wines and Azin Valy were trying to come up with the ideal building material for refugee housing in Kosovo. It should be recycled, recyclable, affordable, and plentiful. They thought about bottles and tires. Then Wines tripped over a shipping pallet on the way home from work one night and something clicked.

Using only shipping pallets, or skids, the I-Beam architects created a tiny systems built home design. They also created "IKEA-style assembly instructions" so anyone- even those without building experience- could build their own home, using only hand tools (hammer, nails, "a crowbar is helpful"). "We've also used zip ties to build entire structures," adds Wines, "which is pretty quick, cheap and easy and doesn't require any tools."

Even though I find this a unique way to help refugees, they are not living in the real world.  Here are two pictures of wooden pallets.  One shows a stack of new pallets like the ones they used to build their structure and the other shows what is available in most countries to build an actual house.

New wooden pallets
Used wooden pallets
With four to five people using power tools, it takes less than a week to build a 250-square-foot home out of 100 pallets. Wines and Valy -- both fairly petite -- have built a couple of pallet homes themselves. Their video is interesting but.......


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