Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ATTENTION: All Modular, SIP, Log and Panelized New Home Builders

Yesterday some of the brightest, most forward thinking modular and systems builders met together online for the industry's first Modular MasterMind meeting.  If you missed that online meeting, you can join us for the next one in the monthly series.

What is a Mastermind, and why should you be interested?

A 'mastermind' is a group of professionals that meet to share experiences and successes on a common theme - a 'think tank' where best practices can be learned, absorbed and applied by others. 

In this case, the Modular MasterMind will bring a diverse group of modular builders together to share experiences, successes and challenges.  The goal will be to learn new ideas that each member can apply to attract new buyers, sell more homes, and grow their businesses more quickly and profitably.  In doing so, we hope to find answers to some key questions, such as how to increase awareness, interest and perception of our industry in general.

Masterminds are nothing new.  Builder 20 groups have been around for years, and members have found great value in learning and sharing ideas with one another.  The Modular MasterMind will apply those same methods and principles to our specific industry.

Benefits of the Modular MasterMind:
    Learn from other systems builders in non-competing markets
    Discuss innovative answers to common problems
    Discover what's working for other similar builders that you can apply
    Explore new lead-generation and sales strategies
    Get input from other builders on challenges you're facing in your market

How it works:
    Each month we'll meet together in a conference call/webinar format
    A topic will be introduced by the program facilitators or members
    An open discussion of the topic or member questions will follow
    A topic will be chosen for the next monthly meeting.

Between calls, members will have access to the program facilitators, Scott Stroud and myself.  Use our experience as marketing and sales trainers specializing in the modular industry to your advantage by getting 1-on-1 direction and advice on any issues you're facing in your business.  

"Everyone complains, but nobody does anything..." 

We hear every day about the challenges modular builders face competing in this market.  Well, here's your chance to join us in a proactive approach to growing market share and spreading the word about the benefits and advantages of modular construction over site built.  

Why not join us.  The cost is a modest $167 per month.  Try it.  If you find it's not for you or you find you're not getting the benefit you need, then you can cancel at any time.

The Modular MasterMind has the potential to become a real game-changer for those involved.  Your input and participation will make it that much better, and you'll be able to learn from other industry professionals without the cost of travel or missed work.

Take action.  Get more details here.


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