Friday, April 20, 2012

Generating Leads for Your Construction Business

One of the questions asked at yesterday's Modular MasterMind online meeting was how to generate more leads. 

Every modular home builder gets their leads primarily from two sources...their website and their modular home factory.  Modular factories have seen leads slow down since the housing crunch began four years ago and leads from this source have practically dried up.

That leaves the builder's website to make up for the lack of factory leads. The problem is that too many companies think only in terms of getting people to their website (“I’ve got to get more traffic to my website!”).  Traffic is only half the equation.

You also need to persuade prospects landing at your website that you are the right company… and to call you NOW.

This is where is can get tricky.  Not all websites are equally as effective at persuading people to act.  You spend several thousand dollars with a professional web design company… and they create a beautiful website for you.

But is it effectively persuading visitors to contact you?

Adding a "call to action" button to your website that gives the viewer something to read about your company after they sign up can see increases in leads by 10, 20 or even 50%.  Too many builders have good looking websites but have absolutely nothing that triggers immediate response from the viewer.

A survey about a year ago found that 40% of new home builders either have no web presence or a single static page....YUCK!  What are you waiting for?

This is just one of the topics that the builders on Modular Mastermind discussed at the last online meeting.  Scott Stroud and I are preparing to help with answers to this and the other problems that were brought up by the builders themselves including "how to be successful in a dead market area" and "competing with lowball stick builders."  Join us for next month's meeting and become part of the solution.

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