Monday, April 16, 2012

PBS Delivers Large Residential Project to Philadelphia

Just a few short years ago many of the biggest modular home factories in the US were happy building single family residential housing but today those same companies are seeing up to 60% of their production going to commercial developers.  For those modular factories the housing recession proved to be a life changing experience.

Many of them found that the same skilled production people that turn out great looking homes also could be called upon to build multistory commercial structures as well.  The answer to the modular factory's prayers came in the form of sales reps that knew how to bring in commercial work and the people on the production that could build it.

Professional Building Systems (PBS) in Middleburg, PA is one of those modular home factories that understands both of those assets.

Recently they delivered modules to Mosaic Development Partners in Philadelphia, PA for their $20 million Diamond Green project near Temple University.  It is 130,000 sq ft of mixed use space; 12,000 commercial on the first floor and the rest in four floors of affordable housing which was supplied by PBS.  You can contact Scott Lyons for more info.

Here are the exclusive pictures of this beautiful project.

Artist's Rendering
Lot before all the construction

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Frank Fox said...

I do commercial construction in Philly and I can't imagine the red tape that PBS had to get through to get those modular home carriers through the city. Good job. Nice building.