Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Reasons a Modular Home Builder's Marketing Plan Fails

Marketing is not sales.  Marketing is not budgeting.  Marketing is a unique beast that you can tame and use to increase your sales leads and bring fresh new home buyers into your office for that important first meeting.  Too many modular home builders don't have a Marketing Strategy and some can't even imagine wanting one.

For the modular home builders that are contemplating using a Marketing Plan this year, here are 10 reasons that it might fail.  Avoiding them is not easy but success is very rewarding.

1. No Written Marketing Plan.  This one is obvious - if you don’t take the time to create a marketing plan for your modular home business, you are doomed to repeat history instead of creating it.

2. Goals Are Poorly Defined.  Every good plan starts with goal definition. If you don’t define the goals for the plan, there’s no point in preparing a marketing plan. Make sure marketing goals are aligned with the business plan and with key business objectives.  I’m assuming here that you have a business plan for your modular home business.

3. Unattainable Goals.  Nothing is worse than working a plan where the goals are not even possible. Set realistic marketing goals that can be achieved if the marketing plan is executed well.  If you built 6 homes last year, do you really think that a goal of 50 new homes this year is attainable?

4. No Buy-In.  Who executes a marketing plan? Everybody in the company does. As such, the plan needs to be created with buy-in from key employees who ultimately will own the execution of the plan.  Everybody must be aware of it and have a part to play including your clean-up people.

5. No Clear Responsibilities or Accountability.  Marketing plans fail because tasks are not assigned to individuals and there is no accountability. Be sure to define who is doing what when as part of your marketing plan.

6. Wrong People Working the Plan.  Even the best laid plans fail if the people who are in charge of execution don’t have the skills and attributes needed for successful plan implementation.  If you have never done a marketing plan before, ask for help. 

7. No Discipline to Execute the Plan.  Some modular home builders and even modular factories talk a good game on planning but lack the discipline required to implement a plan.  The ball gets dropped before the game even gets started.

8. Lack of Commitment.  In order for a marketing plan to be executed successfully, you’ll need to motivate your team, both with carrots and with sticks.  If they are not committed to improving sales through marketing even the best plan will fail.

9. Lack of Time or Lack of Money.  Nothing is more frustrating than writing a marketing plan and then finding out that there’s no budget to cover it and everybody is too busy to execute the plan. Be sure to include your marketing budget and available resources before you finalize your plan.

10. Changing Market Conditions.  The last reason that marketing plans can fail is the only one that’s outside of your control. The housing recession that began a few years ago requires a different marketing plan than one that was written in 2006. For this reason, it’s good to revisit your marketing plan frequently during the year to see if it needs to be updated based on changing marketing conditions.

If you have never used a marketing plan before, please drop Modcoach a line and we'll take a look and see if we can put one together for you.

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