Wednesday, May 9, 2012

$800 Sq Ft Prefabs Selling Fast

It's not what you think.  These prefab homes are underground shelters designed to protect your family in the event of war, natural disasters or simply a place to hide when you mother-in-law visits.  At costs of $250 - $800 a sq ft, many people think that it is a wise investment.

Virginia Beach, VA is the international home of Hardened Shelters, one of the largest shelter builders for residential, commercial and military underground bunkers.

Underground Shelter Systems, Bunkers, and Fortified Homes/Structures require highly specific "life safety" and "threat mitigation" features in order to perform their primary mission: protecting your family. This is NOT a job for your common contractor, architect or engineering company.

Hardened Structures unique knowledge and expertise in shelter dynamics, structural engineering, threat mitigation measures, advanced HVAC systems, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) systems, structural steel/concrete and earth works operations will ensure that your specific project will be a success.

Before you build your next home, you just might want to consider building it on top of your new underground bomb shelter from Underground Shelter Systems, Bunkers, and Fortified Homes/Structures

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