Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blu Homes Adds Garages to Their Product Line

Blu Homes, the factory that recently moved their manufacturing operations to the West Coast has added garages and carports to their prefab option list.  They can be attached to a Blu Homes house, your existing home or as a stand alone structure.

CLICK HERE to visit the Garage Section of their website.

This is one factory that is making me a believer in West Coast prefab designs. 


William said...

Uh...Coach -- So you are a fan of West Coast prefab because of this garage series. Notice the nice slab on grade for the garage? I may be wrong but it certainly looks more like panelized to me.

Coach said...


I'm just trying to be nice after all the years of bashing the West Coast style of modular. I do like Blu Homes however and the others are growing on me....a little at a time.

William said...

Well keep on bashing as I think you WERE on the right track. I have not seen anything yet to convince me they can do anything but "one offs" from any factory.