Monday, May 21, 2012

Chief Custom Modular Homes has Huge Project in North Dakota

A Colorado-based real estate development group is stepping up to meet the needs of families in oil boomtown Williston, North Dakota, with a building that will rise from foundation to completion in a matter of weeks with the use of modular construction technology.

The Confluence at Harvest Hills apartments will be a high quality, 10-building, 270-unit apartment complex on 15 acres in Williston’s attractive Harvest Hills area. Designed to be family-friendly and energy efficient, the units will range from one to three bedrooms, and will be conveniently located within an easy commute to schools, shopping, medical, and transportation centers.

Chief Custom Homes, a division of Chief Industries that manufactures factory built homes, is the project’s construction provider. Modules for the buildings are currently being trucked to Williston, for crane-assembly on site. 
“Chief Custom Homes is one of the leading modular manufacturers in the country,” said Rick Buckendorf, Eaglesmere’s Vice President of Operations. “Chief provides the level of quality we need, and the capacity to expand the rate of production in the future.”
“Williston is the hub of the oil industry’s activity in the Bakken oil formation, which has created a big need for housing,” said Samuel Haviland, Vice President of Business Development for Confluence. “We are developing a housing project that raises the bar on quality construction, and provides a family-oriented environment for a workforce that all too often deals with the strain of being away from spouses and children.” 

Chief Homes' module on its way to Williston
The first apartment building section was constructed in a single 24-hour period spanning May 14 and 15, in a strategically planned process that involved stacking 12 factory-built sections together three stories high, and connecting them side-by-side. The entire building will be completed over the coming weeks, with anticipated occupancy occurring on or before August 1, 2012. A series of subsequent buildings are planned to come online over the next 12 months.

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Looks like it really fits the need of the community. All the best!