Monday, May 7, 2012

Marketing and Selling, not easy concepts

In our last Modular MasterMind session and in a recent poll conducted by Modular Home Builder, there was a lot of interest in marketing.

Unfortunately marketing and selling are often mentioned in the same breath and nothing could be further from the truth.  Both modular home factories and their authorized builders seem to think that these are interchangeable terms.

A lot of builders that answered the poll wanted the modular factory to do more marketing but I doubt that many builders know what marketing really is or what they would want the factory to do. 

Most factory owners think that marketing should be done at the builder level and are reluctant to provide much more than literature and maybe a display booth for a Home Show.

I found this 49 second video that quickly illustrates the difference between the them and if you can spare the less than a minute it takes to watch it, do it.

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Scott said...

Nice video clip - selling begins when trust is established. Trust, though, is often a result of good marketing - and the 'gap' between marketing and sales, nurturing and follow up. - Scott STroud