Sunday, May 20, 2012

Modular Homes Perfect Choice for Remote Island

The Cranberry Island Realty Trust is building two new modular homes on Great Cranberry Island, Maine with the intent of luring new families to the declining island.

The new, affordable three-bedroom, one-and-a-half bathroom units continue Cranberry Island Realty Trust’s (CIRT) mission to increase the number of working, year-round families on Great Cranberry and Islesford, the other year-round island in the town of Cranberry Isles. Funding is coming from MaineHousing, which set aside $2 million in 2010 to support affordable housing projects on islands.

Great Cranberry, which has a year-round population of around 45, was chosen for the new housing due to both circumstance and opportunity.

Great Cranberry Island
Maine Coastline
“The Great Cranberry population is declining to what might be the point of no return,” says CIRT acting president Phil Whitney. “Most year-rounders are in their 50s or older and there is no significant number of new families moving on the island. Beyond being the more critical case, Great Cranberry also benefited from generosity when island resident and CIRT board member Bruce Komusin donated 1.2 acres of land outright for housing.

Because of the island’s remoteness, lack of local skilled labor and the high cost of shipping materials and housing for the workers building a home, the CIRT has chosen to go with modular housing from Coastal Builders, a modular home builder in Maine.  Coastal uses homes built by Prestige Homes in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.

The next time you think building a home on a remote island of the coast of Maine, think modular!

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Shawn said...

It is a new world in ND these days! They are expecting their population to double in the coming years. Welcome to the Wild West!