Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nationwide Homes Opens Interactive Model Home

Nationwide Homes, Martinsville, VA, is opening a new three story interactive design center this week.   

Dan Goodin, VP of Sales and Marketing, told Modcoach that this new design center is the perfect way to show that modular homes can be built faster and with greater consistency in quality than site built homes.

The new design center will also showcase Nationwide’s goals of energy and environmental efficiencies. There will be interactive displays throughout the 3,600 display home that will give prospective new home buyers a better understanding of how Nationwide builds homes.

Visitors can view a live video feed from the factory floor, numerous slide shows and videos about all aspects of the modular building process.  One of the most interesting areas in the home will be the interactive model search including pricing on over 142 Nationwide Homes.

    “Builders like using modular homes because it gives them much greater control over quality as well as the total cost of the project. Using modular homes also frees them from having to hire and manage plumbers, electricians, roofers and other subcontractors,” Goodin said, adding that the modular home building process greatly reduces the variables that can occur on the job site.

Another benefit to their authorized builders is that can be used by them to help show their new home buyers all the advantages of modular housing without having to make a huge investment in their own model home.

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Peggy said...

It's always great to go interactive.