Monday, May 21, 2012

Town Confused by Definition of Modular Home

A city ordinance in Rapid City, South Dakota to allow modular homes in mobile home parks has hit another snag.

At last week's Legal and Finance meeting, council members expressed concerns that the change might open the door for modular homes to spring up in other neighborhoods.  I would be concerned too if I owned a $400,000 home and someone wanted to put a modular shoebox next door just because they could.

They also want a better drafted definition of a modular home and this is where we, as an industry have dropped the ball.

A typical 24' x 48' hudular style ranch home

Too many people still equate modular housing with manufactured housing and we are to blame for that. The industry doesn't do anything to dispel the myth and to add insult to injury, there are quite a few factories that are still pushing the 24' x 48' box ranch home with a 3/12 roof pitch, cheap windows and factory made cabinets.  One look at these homes and no wonder the home buying public and city officials are confused.

I can see the future of that mobile home park in Rapid City if they change the bylaws.  All the 30 year old mobile homes will be replaced with inexpensively built hudulars from Fleetwood.

CLICK HERE to read about the different types of factory built homes. 

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