Saturday, June 30, 2012

Four-Season Rooms Are Gaining in Popularity

Whether you call them sun rooms, verandas or Florida rooms, these small rooms are making a comeback in traditional site built homes and it you are building with modular construction maybe it's time to look at adding them to every home you sell as an option.

Typically these rooms are about 168 sq ft and attached to the back of the house but with energy efficiency being a buzzword these days, they are showing up on all sides of the house including the front.  Having a factory build a four-season room has to be one of the easiest options you will ever offer.

Most of these rooms have cathedral ceilings, french of sliding doors and large expansive window space.  Adding one onto a new home is easy and does not require a full depth basement, only a crawl space.


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Granger Harper said...

Four season rooms have become more popular in the world. These rooms are great for living in all seasons. I also want to make four season rooms in my home. Great post, what you said is really helpful to me. Thanks.