Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Modular Home Factory Looking for Supervisor

Hello all;

My name is Dennis Jones, President of R-Anell Housing Group, and I am in process of expanding my director of engineering's roll in the company. In conjunction with that I will need a supervisory type added to the department.

I am looking for someone who can help supervise the department, has the potential to one day move into a position of managing the engineering group and understands modular codes and construction. He/she does not have to be an engineering manager today as the expansion of his duties will not take him away from oversight of the department completely.

R-Anell has moved in the direction requiring sales and engineering to have significant interaction with each other and the individual selected for this job must be able to operate in that environment.

Qualifications may need to include but not be limited to:
• Previous supervisory or management experience
• Good communicator that works well in a team based atmosphere
• Good problem solving skills
• Good understanding and working knowledge of CAD and Microsoft software
• Knowledge of state and national building codes
• Customer focused attitude
• Ability to multi-task and establish priorities

I may be contacted directly about the position.

Dennis Jones
R-Anell Housing Group, LLC

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