Sunday, June 17, 2012

SC Modular Home Factory Closes its Doors

Signature Building Systems of  Moosic, PA, one of the Top Ten Modular Factories in the US ranked by the NAHB, has closed its South Carolina satellite operation in the town of Saint George after 10 years.  According to Vic DePhillips, the company's president, the market served in the South by that plant has not recovered since the housing crash 5 years ago.

Signature's South Carolina factory

He said that everyone including all their builders, employees and the townspeople of Saint George were wonderful to work with but even with the outstanding work of Scott Bartholomew, it was not enough to keep the plant open and profitable.

Signature's factory in Moosic is still running on all cylinders and is on track to have another year in the Top Ten.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know the operation was running in SC. Tough market to be right now. You have CBS,Commodore, Crestline, Ritz-Craft and Blue Ridge Log factories that have been covering that SC market for several years now. I wonder if they will survive 2012?