Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stale Donuts Could Be Hurting Your Marketing Efforts

“Nobody shops at a bakery that only sells stale donuts.”  So why do you think that prospective new home buyers are going to visit your website more than once if you don’t offer something different occasionally?  The power to draw them back to your site so that you have more than a fleeting chance at winning them over is entirely in your hands.

There are several things that will bring people back to your site until they either contact you or stop looking.  Here are some areas that you can improve to help not only in keeping your prospects coming back but also encourage new visitors to return again and again.

Use social websites like Facebook and Twitter to keep your name in front of people looking for a new home.  Get them to “Like” you.  

Update your information with special offers, pictures of homes that are either in process of being finished and also completed ones, news and links about modular housing and occasionally put something personal about you so that people can get to know you.  Make sure there is a link to your website.

Once you get someone to visit your website, which is what you want, do they find stale donuts or fresh ones?  If you haven’t done anything to your website in the past month, chances are your visitors are not going to come back more than twice.  Keeping it current is not a hard task but it does require a little time and effort.

Update your pictures, add a special offer (make sure you delete it after it is over), add a monthly featured floor plan, have a link area where you keep adding new and interesting things that will help your visitors understand modular construction, add a “call to action” button for quick info about a special you’re running or maybe consider writing a blog that gets a new article or link once a week.  Any of these is better than doing nothing and hoping for improved results.

Remember, “There’s nothing older than yesterday’s news.”  If you are still peddling the same website that you been using for the last two or three years, you have nobody to blame but yourself if your website isn’t generating enough inquiries and appointments to keep your sales funnel filled.
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David E. Johnson said...

Right on Coach. Check out our updated website.
We now build, host, maintain, and update websites for our builders as well. We get it.