Thursday, July 19, 2012

Epoch Homes Wins Gold and Silver Medals for Custom Homes

Epoch Homes was awarded silver and gold Cornerstone Awards by the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association on New Hampshire at its annual Cornerstone Awards, June 14, 2012, honoring “Excellence in the Building Industry.” The Cornerstone Awards cover a wide range of categories from residential construction to marketing to kitchen/bath design.

The Gold award was for a home built with Old Harbor Homes of Chatham, MA. The Silver was for a home built with River Village Carpenters of Merrimac, MA. Both custom designed homes were built using modular technology to take advantage of the speed and quality of Epoch Homes’ controlled factory environment. Both homes also incorporated numerous Green Building features.

Epoch Homes CEO John Ela said, “We are proud to add two more awards to our long list of award winning, green, custom homes. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to work with a growing network of quality builders and to meet the needs of discerning home buyers.” He added, “Our award winning homes continue to dispel the myth that modular homes are limited to cookie cutter designs. We are committed to the concept that Modular is a technology not an architectural style.”

"I think it is important to enter some of the beautiful homes we build in competitions along side stick built homes because it helps the industry dispel the myth that modular homes are restricted to boring designs. At Epoch Homes we prove to our customers every day that Modular Technology is a building system that can save time, money, and improve quality of construction on almost any design. The modular industry offers a range of quality from different suppliers,  just like you find among stick builders. Consumers should do their homework and find the manufacturer that matches their requirements for quality and design."


Anonymous said...

Wow....That's my house in Chatham. We were thoroughly pleased with the process and with both Old Harbor Homes and Epoch!

lavardera said...

Agreed that modular is not a style but a technique. Yet they consistently refer to "stick built", when what they mean is "site built".

If you want clarity you have to realize that modular houses are also "stick built" or more correctly stud framed. Its Off Site vs On Site that is the important distinction.

I think the Industry will benefit from some discipline in the terminology they use. Modular has many negative associations - you can see this award winning builder fighting them in their description, trying to change people's minds about modular. This is the very reason so many architects adopt the "PreFab" lable. Off-Site is the term the industry should adopt. In the end the technique, modular or panels ,or other is not as important to the message as the overriding method: Off Site.

jelly andrews said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I guess there’s no wonder why these homes got the awards. They really look great and they really have green features.