Friday, July 27, 2012

Irontown Homes Has Effective Marketing Program

If great email, YouTube, social media and TV are any indication that you would be a success, then Irontown Homes in Utah would be a winner.  I get emails from them along with PR releases on a regular basis.  Everything they do is well thought out and informative.  If someone were looking for a new home, this is the kind of marketing materials that might sway them to buy from you.

Their website also lists all the homes that were recently delivered along with a blog on the opening page.  Talk about a great way to keep visitors looking at your website!!! I don't know of any other factory or even modular home builders doing this.

Irontown's new factory in Spanish Forks, UT

I hate to admit that I haven't talked about them very much.  Every time I see the word "prefab", which they use quite often to describe modular housing, something just shuts my brain down, making it nearly impossible for my fingers to type.  Irontown Homes uses prefab throughout their site and marketing which is OK for them since they are selling in the West Coast market.  Saying "prefab" on the East Coast is like comparing modular homes with HUD.

But in all honesty, Irontown builds a nice home.  I've watched a lot of their videos and learned a lot about them.  One of the things I wish they would do is to add music or audio to their videos.  I sit and watch them waiting for someone to talk and tell me what is going on.

Check out this video and you'll see that audio would have added so much.

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