Friday, July 13, 2012

Modular Factory Websites Yield Poor Rankings

Yesterday my wife asked me about Google rankings and SEO.  The first thing that crossed my mind was why did she want to know about this stuff, she usually just types in what she wants into Google and waits the micro-second for the results...done deal.  But being the obedient husband, I gave her an answer to her questions.

For an example of rankings I typed in "modular home factory" into Google and got the results.  To say I was disappointed is an understatement.  I had told her that just about every link would be to a factory website and to show her how confident I was I bet her dinner out if less than 50% of the first 100 results were modular home factory sites.  I want to thank all my friends at the factories because tonight I'm taking my wife to dinner at Nick's.

Not only were there less than 50%, there were only 20 factory sites listed in the top 100 search results for "modular home factory."

Here are the rankings "Modular Home Factory"*:

#1     Epoch Homes 
#4     Ritz-Craft Homes
#7     Westchester Homes
#8     Colony Homes
#12   Champion
#15   Skyline
#16   Fleetwood
#19   Excel Homes
#21   PBS Homes
#32   Nationwide Homes
#40   Muncy Homes
#43   Palm Harbor
#47   ProBuilt Homes
#58   Apex Homes
#69   Simplex Homes
#77   Commodore
#82   Handcrafted Homes
#83   Signature Custom Homes
#98   Preferred Buildings
#100 Irontown Homes

In an effort to soften my loss, I typed in "modular home" and I did get a better result, but not by much.

Here are the rankings for "Modular Home"*:

#2     Clayton
#4     Palm Harbor
#5     Epoch
#6     Champion
#7     Excel Homes
#11   All American Homes
#12   Nationwide Homes
#13   Westchester Homes
#14   Apex Homes
#21   Ritz-Craft
#24   PBS Homes
#25   Icon Legacy Homes
#34   R-Anell Homes
#35   Hallmark Homes
#39   Chelsea Homes*  This factory has been closed for years
#46   Pine Grove Homes
#49   Mod-U-Kraf Homes
#53   Handcrafted Homes
#60   New Era Homes
#61   Marlette
#62   Haven Homes
#81   Muncy Homes
#92   Pro-Fab Homes
#97   Liberty
#99   ProBuilt Homes

If your factory is not listed here, maybe it's time to look into hiring an SEO.  Charles Bevier, owner of Bevier Creative is someone that knows the modular housing industry and has the knowledge to help get your factory noticed.

*Google rankings are fluid. The results reported were from 7/12/2012


Anonymous said...

I strongly recommend the SEAFOOD SYMPHONY at Nicks, that is if you are buying.

Coach said...

I lost a bet but I didn't tell her I was going to buy her the most expensive item on the menu. Our anniversary was in May and that set me back a pretty penny there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Epoch Homes is doing something right to be in the top 5 of both lists.

Isaac Lassiter said...


You may want to note how important the place where you are searching from affects the ranking. Google auto-recognizes where you are based on your IP address. If you manually change your location there are different results that show up.

No matter what location I change it to, Excel and Champion are on the first page but their order changes.

Coach said...

Thanks Issac, another reason to dislike Google. Yes, I am aware of how Google does things and in all honesty, I am thinking of using Bing but it is probably the same way. Oh, what I wouldn't give for the good old days