Sunday, July 1, 2012

Neighbors Hate Shipping Crate Home

I woke up this morning, read my news feeds and came across a story that put a smile on my face.  It seems that the tree hugging folks that are taking old shipping containers and turning them into homes have hit a snag.  The neighbors hate them and want them gone but it turns out they can't do anything about them.

Unlike the people that see a modular home coming into their neighborhood and get court injunctions against them, the container home neighbors have no legal ground to stand on when one of these butt ugly homes goes up beside them.  Any bets on whether neighboring property values go up or down?

If an Architect tries to convince you to go with a container home, immediately look for a new one.  These homes won't look better as they age, they only rust away. 

CLICK HERE to read the article in the Arizona Daily Star.

A container home built in Minnesota.  Notice it is NOT in a residential neighborhood.

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