Monday, July 30, 2012

Zeta Communities Goes Small in a Big Way

High quality, energy efficient, urban living is driving the next wave of sustainable development – micro-dwellings.  Small, affordable living quarters have been traditionally unavailable on the market, or embodied by nondescript box-like spaces.  The 23 unit, SmartSpace®, currently under construction at ZETA Communities’ factory, offers stylish and comfortable living with a unique, compact design.  

These 4-story, sustainable, modern, factory built, micro-units will be installed in the center of one of the most vibrant cities in the world – San Francisco. The project will be completed in a matter of months – a rapid development schedule which can only be achieved with off-site construction.  The first of its kind in the country, ZETA is building this modular, LEED Platinum, high density urban infill project.

As the national economy and housing market continue to make slow strides to recovery and the rental market heats up – SmartSpace® is the answer for people looking to live a smarter, more sustainable, more efficient urban life.  There is a migration from the McMansions in the suburbs in favor of the heart of the city where walkable community life is a reality and all you need is 300 square feet to meet the needs of an urban dweller. 

Check out the data:
  • The size of new homes peaked in 2007 but has shrunk each year since the recession
  • America has 40 million excess big houses as consumer shift to condos, apartments and small homes
  • 57 percent of Americans do not want to live in traditional, big, suburban homes
Green building is at the center of the next big movement in urban infill with the trend towards micro-dwellings. With GenY demanding environmentally friendly elements to their homes, and downsizing to live smart, we are in the midst of a true urban revitalization.  With the global population expected to increase to 9-billion in the next 30 years it is time to recognize that the urban center is the answer to accommodating this change.  The goal: do it in the smartest way possible economically, environmentally and aesthetically.

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