Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beracah Homes - Biggest Factory in the First State

There are some modular home factories that you know right away builds good quality homes and serves their builders well.  Beracah Homes in Greenwood, DE is one of them.  Located in Delaware, this company began in 2003 after starting up in the defunct Nanticoke Homes factory.

Delaware is on a peninsula that also includes the eastern shores of MD and VA.  You can't get to the mainland without crossing a bridge.  One bridge is the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel and the other is the tall Bay Bridge into Baltimore.  They have never ventured off the peninsula until recently because of these bridges and are finding a ready and willing builder base excited to finally be able to get their homes.  Only the bridges in the north and the Bay Bridge are accessible to them as everything going south has to go by barge.

So why do I like this company?  Because the owner, Roger Collison, a farmer by trade, had never been involved in modular housing before he opened Beracah Homes and didn't follow what the rest of the modular industry has been doing for years.

Here are some of the highlights of his successful endeavor. 

Beracah Homes:
  • Provides TV ads for their Preferred Builders, featuring them individually.
  • Holds TWO Open Houses every week...Fridays at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM
  • Requires their Preferred Builders to have model homes.
  • Has an outstanding service department.
  • Owns the most expensive hydraulic carriers in the business and uses it's own fleet of tractors.  (I've seen the owner and his brother driving the modules!)
  • Had their factory reset from four production lines to two in order to provide a very efficient building process.
  • Holds quarterly builder seminars and meetings.

How can they do this and still make a profit?  That's one secret that they won't share with their competitors. 

If you are a modular factory serving the western shore of Maryland, get ready to see them putting homes in your territory.  Good luck guys and welcome to the party.

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Anonymous said...

Any time somebody starts a business outside the conventional wisdom (e.g. "we have decades of experience!!") they either fail miserably or shatter paradigms on their way to success. VERY appealing...