Sunday, August 12, 2012

Modular Home Sets Create Very Little Waste

Earlier this month I was traveling through my town and happened upon a modular home being set by Foremost Homes located in Greencastle, PA.  I just had to stop and watch the show and as I walked up to the house being set I came across Eric Linka, a sales rep for the company.

He told me that a while back the original home that was here burned out and the homeowners wanted to rebuild on the remaining foundation.  The home is located on a small street with tall trees and close neighbors but that presented no problem for the Foremost crew who not only build the modules but also deliver it on their trucks, set it with their crane and finish the house with their own crews.  

Notice the existing trees around the foundation were not touched.
This is a 4 box cape.  The second floor arrives finished.
I've been to a lot of house sets but the one thing that I had never taken a picture of before was the small amount of trash that is left afterwards. I was told that when the modules are built in Foremost's factory, everything is recycled, shredded or used for heating the plant.  I challenge any site builder to match that.

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lavardera said...

And their own panel and truss plant. But they are not developing land, nor is their catalog presented in a very compelling way. But they are doing more than most. 8 of 10.