Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Jersey Getting Its First Modular Factory

Finally a modular home company is planning to open a factory in New Jersey.  Renewable Jersey, LLC is preparing to convert a former Hunt’s Tomato plant in Bridgeton into a plant that is reported to embrace green and energy efficient construction.

No news yet if it will be building on an assembly line or on cribbing but either way it is good news for Jersey-ites.  128 new jobs are proposed to be added the first year.

Their factory will use three of the four warehouses for assembly, training and storage with the fourth being demolished.  Using the word “assembly” instead of either produced or manufactured leads me to believe that this will be a boutique factory rather than a production line facility.  If this is a production line plant, it could take up to a year to get it on line.  If it is a cribbing plant….maybe next Thursday!

As part of the incentive, they were given preliminary approval for a $10 million tax-exempt bond to develop the plant.  

There is no website for Renewable Jersey LLC or other info available yet but we will stay on this and keep you informed as to its progress. 

It really doesn’t matter how they build a home, the most important thing is that New Jersey is about ready to open their first modular home factory.  Good news.


Anonymous said...


I think that with a little research you will find out that there was a modualr plant that operated for 2-4 years in central Jersey back in teh early 2000's. I believe that the company name was Atlantic Modular. There have been plenty of guys wanting to start a plant in Jersey considering that at one time and it stiil may be the largest consumer of modular product in the country.

Kent R. Pipes said...

In the 80's there was also a modular plant operating in Camden on Kaign Ave. If I am not mistaken it was also named Excel. I believe that there is (or was a couple of years ago) also another small modular plant operating in the south Jersey community of Millville at the old airport site.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kent you are correct there was a modular factory in Camden NJ for years. It was called Modular Technology Homes! or MTH and yes there were several other modular manufactures in the state of New Jersey, in the north, central and south! Im not sure how long any of them lasted, I believe that Mod Tech Homes may have operated the longest.

Anonymous said...

There was also a plant named Atlantic.

Who are the principals in this new venture? Please do not tell e architects.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Kullman is no longer in business, but they too were a manfacturer in NJ.....

Anonymous said...

Renewable Jersey is a scheme so Bridgeton can delay paying their debt, South jersey’s only real modular factory is American Custom Modular who bought Silverton yacht building in Millville when they closed.