Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Unusual 9-11 Experience

Yesterday, 9-11, I had breakfast with a friend at the local Cracker Barrel.  As I was waiting in line to pay the bill, I noticed the man in front of me wearing a USMC sweatshirt and a Marine cap.  With his back to me I asked "Iraq or Afghanistan?"

He turned around he said his son was in the Marines and he and his family were on their way to Arlington National Cemetery for his burial.  Caught a little off guard by this all could do was tell him how sorry I was for his loss.

We talked for almost 20 minutes and I learned that his son had served several times in both wars but had come home safely.  What he also brought home was PTSD.  His son took his own life in July and the family was happy that their son was accepted into Arlington.

Near the end of our conversation he asked me why his son, a great boy with a bright future had to die this way and for what?  It really wasn't a question directed to me but I got the feeling that he will be asking a lot of important people that question over the years to come.

His son's name was Zachery.  Say a prayer for him and all the other men and women that have served or  are now serving our country.  

God Bless you Zachery.

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