Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taylored Building Solutions Leaves Family Out in the Cold

Cheri McDermott and her family simply wanted what a lot of people want..a new home.  This past Spring she contracted with a local modular home builder to build her a two story, 4 bedroom home to replace the ranch home she was living in. Her builder, a well respected contractor, ordered her new modular home from Taylored Building Systems in PA who promised her that they would have her home built and delivered in plenty of time for the builder to finish it by September 1st.

Well, as time went by, the shipping date kept being moved back until the latest date of November 16th.    There are no assurances that this date will be kept either.  Now here is the rest of the story.

Cheri has been living in a camper beside her completed foundation since late spring. Her 5 and 7 year old children thought this was great fun to be camping next to where their new home was going to be built so that they could watch it go up.  Cheri packed ALL their worldly possessions and put them in storage including all their winter clothes.  It gets very cold in Vermont and she only has a couple of long sleeve shirts for the kids.  She is now going to have to purchase new winter clothes because their other clothes are packed deep in the storage unit.

Taylored offered to give her $1,000 for clothing but that has never come through.

Taylored Building Systems has reportedly not paid employees recently, not had consistent production runs and will not let Cheri out of her contract so that she and her builder could buy from another factory. Taylored is holding $12,000 of their money.

Another factory in PA has agreed to build their new home but since Taylored won't release the McDemotts or their lender from the contract and with no guaranteed delivery date from Taylored, she is stuck living in her camper through the cold Vermont winter.

Cheri has asked me post her name, email and phone number so that she can hear from anyone else that has a home stuck at Taylored.

Cheri McDermott

The question I have to ask is why Taylored doesn't just keep the $12,000 that has already been paid to them and release Cheri from her contract so that she can get a roof over her head before her children have to celebrate Christmas in a camper next to their empty foundation?

I have a feeling that lawyers are going to be involved very soon!

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Anonymous said...

The shame of this is, that hte builder could get out of his/her contract with Taylored, but trhere is an assignment of funds letter given to Taylored to guarantee payment once the house has been delivered and set. What most people don't realize is the power of an assignement letter as they are typically written in hte industry. If written correctly, they are the next best thing to Letter of Credit. Further a violation of payment terms accordign to the assignment by the lender can get the lender in plenty of trouble. It is a shame that this is happening to these people.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your builder has tried everything to help you out of this situation. I wish you luck and hope you get a home before the end of the year.
Do you need anything to help with your kids?

Anonymous said...

I worked at Taylored andthey owe me a lot in payroll I was told they have no money from the owners I highly doubt they will open back up everything I here from the owners is a lie

Anonymous said...
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Doug Stimpson said...

Tom Schott, where is your sense of responsibility? Give this woman and her children their deposit back and release them from their contract. You have always been a stand up guy, stay that way.

Jim Foxman said...

I have known of Tom Schott through mutual friends and find it hard to believe that he is the kind of guy that would put a woman and her children out in the cold. With all the bad press that this blog is reporting, why not do something right and return her money like Doug Stimpson suggests.

Anonymous said...

Give her the money back!! I own a Taylored home and they haven't resolved over $20k worth of issues over the past 6 months since set. This is on top of the 2 months of delays for delivery. So even if she ever gets the house, she will have a nightmare once it arrives. I have contacted the atty general's office already. BBB is next.

cheri1591 said...

They finally released me from their contract. I am sure we will have to fight to get the $12,000 deposit back. But at least we can move on with a new company

Anonymous said...

i work with Cheri and i know her children. very well and to see this great family go through this terrible ordeal is heart breaking. this company needs to make right with Cheri so her children don't live in a camper all winter. Vermont gets very cold in the winter time and these kids deserve better than to be screwed over by this company!!