Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Modular Lifestyles Introduces Their Latest Net Zero Home

This new modular ‘Santa Fe’ designed home with maximum energy efficiency technology and a minimum 2.0 kWh PV electric system should operate at or near ‘Net Zero’ energy usage according to Modular Lifestyles, Inc. It was built in Ojai Valley, northwest of Los Angeles, CA.

This home is “Energy Star Tier I certified.” The home was HERS (home energy rating system) at the factory rating with 21% better than standard built homes. The factory performed 90% of all the construction with minimal waste and the onsite work only required two 8x8x8 dumpsters.

The ‘Garagette’ is a Modular Lifestyles invention (a hybrid of a garage/carport) that reduces cost by not requiring a concrete driveway as its foundation, but is still CA ‘WUI’ compliant consisting of stucco, metal studs and cement fiber board. The Garagette increases desirable privacy and outdoor living space on small lots.

Here are some of the Green and Energy Saving items Steve Lefler of Modular Lifestyles included in the home:

Energy Star appliances

• Whole house Energy Star-certified 21% more efficient than Title 24 standard
• R-42 cellulose “recycled paper” attic insulation
• Sealed condition attic
• 90 CFM whole house fan
• 2.0 KW solar electricity system expandable to 3.0 kWh

• Mule Hide commercial roof with Parapet side walls
• 6” wall R-28 thermal resistant insulation
• Radiant barrier roof sheathing
• 10” solartube daylighting/nightlight
• Low E Argon gas double-paned windows
• High-efficiency 13-SEER heating  and cooling pump
• Recycled pier foundation and pads
• Cempanel fiber cement siding
• 100 gallon rain gutter storage
• Permeable back patio
• Landscaping drought tolerant
• Composite building material decking
• All natural wood-like flooring
• Tile flooring
• Pier foundation
• Low-VOC paints, finishes, adhesives
• Kitchen range hood vented to the outside
• 80 CFM ultra quiet exhaust 24/7 fan hallway
• Formaldehyde-free insulation
• Acrylic caulking

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