Friday, October 5, 2012

Put Your Business on Google Maps

I looked up "Modular Home Manufacturers" on Google and looked at all the factories listed on the first three pages which is about how far the average person searches for answers. What I found was pathetic. I searched using my east coast town address and then switched to the west coast address of my nephew.  The results were the same:

Modular Home Manufacturers in the US, first 3 pages of Google
All American Homes
Champion Homes
Westchester Homes
Excel Homes
Liberty Homes
North American Housing
Altamont Homes
Muncy Homes
Apex Homes
Nationwide Homes
Palm Harbor Homes
Clayton Homes
Premier Builders
Living Homes

If your factory is not there, why? SEO is not dead, it is just more sophisticated so having someone in your office updating your keywords is no longer enough to get you ranked.

Then I called up Google maps with that search and lo and behold, hundreds of red dots showed up over the US and Canada map. What was discouraging is that hardly any modular factories or modular home builders take advantage of this FREE service offered by Google.

Zooming deeper into the map reveals the exact location and additional information about the dot. So if it is free, why isn't your business listed. It's because a lot of people take it for granted that Google places those red dots. They don't, you do.

CLICK HERE to list your business on Google maps.

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