Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Excel Project Rises Like a Phoenix From the Ashes

A large apartment project in Rahway, NJ built with modules supplied by Excel Homes burned to the ground before it it had power or water connected early in 2011. The cause was determined to be a arson.  Click Here to read the story.

The entire structure was rebuilt and occupied just months before it was hit by Superstorm Sandy last week. This time absolutely nothing happened...and that's a good thing. Brookside at Rahway is located just east of Staten Island, an area that was devastated.

Troy Wagner, the sales rep for the project, sent me a copy of a message that the management company received a day after Sandy hit.  It shows the power of modular construction.


I have already spoken to Susan about this but I would just like to take the time to tell you that I really appreciate the quality that went into putting this building together.
The storm was quite frightening for many of us, and the next day when I walked outside, I expected to see shingles from the roof or other debris from the buildings exterior and to my surprise, all was well; that to me signifies the quality of the structure of the building.
I live on the second floor and although my upstairs neighbors say that they are not quite so quiet, for the most part, I do not hear any noise above me; I don't hear televisions, talking, music etc. ; another sign of quality.
As a renter, I really appreciate the quality of this structure and the time that must have gone into finding good tenants - so Thank You,

Donna Lxx

Here are pictures of what Brookside at Rahway looked like just a couple of days before the storm and I'm told that it doesn't look any different after the storm except for debris from surrounding buildings.  Contact Troy Wagner for information on how they built this project and help with your next one.

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Steven said...

Great story about a well built apartment building. Excel should be proud of their quality work.