Friday, November 16, 2012

Guido Construction Praises Westchester Modular After Sandy

Lori Aceto from Guido Construction, a Westchester Modular Homes builder in NJ, wrote to John Colucci, VP of Sales for Westchester, about one of their modular homes surviving Sandy and doing so in the midst of total destruction.

Look closely in the bottom right hand corner of the photo and you’ll see a yellow 2 story colonial that Guido Construction built showing how the water surged past the house and knocked a lot of neighboring houses off their foundations and destroyed many others.

"Yesterday, the builder accompanied the homeowners to see their home for the first time since Sandy struck. Their’s was the only home with NO damage, maybe $150 worth. Guido hurricane strapped the structure from top to bottom, built it on pilings and the stainless steel flood vents performed exactly as expected allowing water to flow right through," Lori wrote.

"No siding was lost (we did that) and no roofing was lost (Westchester did that) and the house inside looked like the day it was built..until you looked out the window of course. This is an amazing testament to quality construction. Other modular homes we built in West Point Island, Lavalette and Green Island also managed wonderfully," she added.

Gary Fleisher, Modcoach

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