Monday, November 19, 2012

Modular Home Builder blog Expands Its Coverage

This week Modular Home Builder, the most widely read blog for the modular and systems built industry, expands its coverage even wider into the commercial side of modular. When you look on the left hand column, you will notice two new logos that weren't there previously.

Modular Building Institute (MBI) and Modular Building Systems Association (MBSA) have agreed to allow me to feature stories, project news and interviews from their members. This will help Modcoach bring you more commercial modular and systems features and also promote the members of each.

I take pride that both the MBI and MBSA have chosen this blog to be one of their public voices shouting out the benefits of modular and systems manufacturing. You will soon see more technical, legislative and LEED articles directly from this collaboration.

I want to thank Tom Hardiman, the Executive Director of the MBI, and his staff for allowing me to be part of their continuing efforts to highlight and promote modular and systems building not only in the United States but to the entire world. 

Gary Fleisher, Modcoach


Anonymous said...

Let's come clean, MBSA no longer exists. MBI has taken over the name, only.
MBI is focused on Commercial Buildings.
The modular housing industry is no longer represented by a national trade association.

Coach said...

There are changes coming with MBSA and that's why I've chosen to become a voice for them. I can't give out too much but good things are being planned and hopefully you continue to read about it here.

Randy said...


I congratulate you on associating with MBI. I hope you will try and use your new influence to help promote modular out west. There are those of us who have been in the industry with our boots on the ground, not in theory, but actually working in the industry for decades and are trying to promote modular in the Western US. Whether you call it pre-fab or modular or off site construction, we need to promote our industry nationwide and not just in the east. Best to you.