Friday, November 2, 2012

More Pictures from the Cosey Beach, CT Modular Home

Built PBS tough! 

More pictures from the modular home in Cosey Beach, CT that survived Sandy while the site built home next door collapsed.


Anonymous said...

Well.. sort of... it appears the house next was a remodel and was not also built on the piers to new FEMA standards which the modular was. The destruction in CT was because of the storm surge, not wind. They said all of the houses built to the new standards made it through the flooding.

Anonymous said...

What a great story! Congratulations to PBS! This story should be the industry poster! Great job!

Anonymous said...

According to Anonymous10:17pm modular made no difference in the house withstanding Sandy. It had to do with the foundation contractor adhering to codes and standards. So I guess the bog promo touting mods can't use this as an example.

Tom Wilcox- President of Shoreline Modular homes and the builder of the subject house said...

The fact is that we set this house on Thursday and Friday and the hurricane hit on the following Monday. The storm surge put over 4' of water into the house behind ours and also did take down the adjacent house. Regarding the piers making all of the difference, I would say that this is correct to a point; There were several other houses along the beach that suffered severe wind damage that were not subjected to the surge and therefore, I believe, this is the perfect testimonial to the modular industry.
It also clearly shows how adhering to the codes does make a difference.