Monday, December 10, 2012

Clayton Homes Confuses Modcoach

It's finally happened...Confusion! Modcoach just watched 3 videos from Clayton Homes and I have no idea what they are about but maybe that's the point.  In the spirit of of the season, enjoy these Clayton Homes videos.


Anonymous said...

Just like the company- strange.

Obviously the boy is son to one of the upper managers and they think it is cute.

I can hear the snickers from afar.

Anonymous said...

I don't any other factory would produce something this dumb. Leave it up the the mobile home people to think this is funny.

Isaac Lassiter, Cutting Edge Homes said...

Clayton is spending its customers money on corny internet videos that have nothing to do with delivering buyer's value. It bet it cost as much to make this video as to build one of their I-houses.