Sunday, December 16, 2012

Clayton Introduces I-House 2.0

Not satisfied building one of the dumbest, most overpriced manufactured mobile homes on the market, the i-house, Clayton has decided that they needed to "improve" it by introducing the ultimate double wide version.

original i-house with a shed looking like a typical singlewide in the desert
In an announcement from Clayton, they state that "Since we first launched i-house in May of 2008, thousands of you have responded with thoughtful suggestions for improving the i-house for the next generation. We heard you. Andy and Wes have implemented many of your suggestions into the newest addition to the i-house family, i-house 2.0."

floorplan for the i-house 2.0 double wide
Looking closer you soon realize that they didn't say that they learned what customers wanted after they built a bunch of them. What they said was that they received thousands of suggestions for improving it.

I bet a lot of those came from lot managers and street dealers that had the original i-house jammed down their throats telling Andy and Wes what they could do with it. Never one to give up on a bad idea, the i-house 2.0 will soon be on its way to a street dealer near you.

The video of the concept i-house 2.0 below will have a lot of people drooling, especially FEMA who can use it for disaster housing.

Can't wait.

BTW, if someone can't afford the base price of $75,000 for the i-house single wide version, they can buy the Marlette Homes (a Clayton brand) i-house wannabe for about what a typical single wide trailer goes for today, not counting depreciation.

The Marlette i-house wannabe. Looks like one of those temporary mobile offices


Anonymous said...

What are they thinking? Do they think Blu Homes is going to be their biggest competitor? I would never consider living in this trailer.

Anonymous said...

I take it you didn't like the I-House. When I toured one of the originals, it looked promising to me. Not promising enough, evidently, but not deserving the scorn this blog heaped on it.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the negativity here. The iHouse is a great design! All of their other models look like "manufactured homes" - profoundly unimaginative. This one actually looks like a contemporary architect designed house. Like the deck and guest house/studio/office/shop too.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know when the I-House 2.0 will be available? I am very interested and can’t get any info on it.

Anonymous said...

Lotsa luck finding one. It was a loser and last I heard it was put to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Where are you planning on building? Something similar can be built as modular based on your need.

The entry price as a manufactured home was too high for the target market.

Anonymous said...

Visit the Modular Home Builders Association website:

and request an estimate. I am quite sure a member will respond and offer assistance in building something similar.