Thursday, December 13, 2012

LinkedIn Endorsements are Nonsense

Over the past several months many people have given me endorsements on LinkedIn. Now don't get me wrong, but what are you thinking?

I write a blog about the modular housing industry which has been growing by leaps and bounds for years and some of my articles are about marketing and sales but I DO NOT have great expertise the following skills for which I have been endorsed:

  • Contract Management
  • Microsoft Office
  • Purchasing
  • Budgets
  • Project Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Operations Management

As anyone who has ever been in business knows, you have to know something about all the items mentioned but that doesn't mean that you are proficient in them. 

I checked on some other people on LinkedIn and found the same thing. Please, if you want to compliment someone on LinkedIn, be honest and choose a field in which you personally know they have great skill sets. Otherwise it just looks like you've picked something from the list just to add something. Don't feel slighted if I don't endorse you because I rarely do it for anyone.

For everyone that has endorsed me, Thank You. But please think twice about endorsing someone just for the sake of doing it.


Tim Watson said...

Coach. You left yourself wide open on this one. I, and I assume every other smart alack, went to LinkedIn and endorsed the heck out of you.

I could find the "Appreciates Modern Architecture" Button.

Coach said...

I guess I did. I just went there and someone endorsed me for 13 different things.

If anyone actually hires or refers someone based on their endorsements, there are going to be a lot of surprised people out there. I think it's hilarious.