Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Method Homes Introduces a New Series of Homes

Modular home builder Method Homes has introduced a new series to their portfolio of precision-built prefabricated structures. 

I know, I usually have a hard time with West Coast modulars but I really like these guys. Not only do they build a great custom modular, they are going well beyond what I see others even attempting to do.

Method’s new Paradigm series — designed to maximize a sense of spaciousness inside with connection to the outside — offers clients additional sustainability upgrade packages, including options to meet Passive Haus and Living Building Challenge Standards.

Designed by New-York based firm Bogue Trondowski Architects, Paradigm demonstrates that sustainable systems and sophisticated design can go hand in hand. Thoughtful modern detailing includes origamilike folds of the wooden-cladded exterior and a CNC cut Corten wing that regulates heat loads in the summer while allowing the low winter sun to heat the interior. 

Method is offering their highest level of base efficiency features to date for the new series. “Paradigm is a line that reflects Method’s core mission of building homes that are both thoughtfully designed and sustainably built,” says Method Homes co-founder Brian Abramson. “The series maximizes efficiencies – from the construction process to day-to-day living.” Each home comes standard with exterior rigid insulation, triple paned windows, heat pump hot water heater, heat recovery ventilation, and LED lighting.

The Paradigm Series floor plans range from Paradigm I, a 646 square foot studio, to Paradigm III, a twostory layout with a 400 square foot rooftop deck and green roof. Each design features floor-to-ceiling window walls that open to expansive deck spaces. 

Customers can choose from numerous decking and cladding options and tailored finishes to arrive at custom package and price point.

Method unveiled the deep green prototype for the series, Paradigm I, at November’s USGBC Greenbuild Conference in San Francisco. The prototype showcased both Net-Zero water and energy systems and is targeting LEED Platinum certification, in addition to meeting the requirements for 6 of 7 petals of Living BuildingChallenge.


Anonymous said...

Coach, you must be running a fever. Are you serious about liking these West Coast square box homes? Someone else must be writing your articles. Maybe its Michelle Kauffman.

William Bobbitt said...

I never thought I would read where you said you liked a design like this. Have they promised to buy ad space or something. You just killed Clayton aging for a similar design and you now like this? Kinda baffling.