Friday, December 28, 2012

Robert Sage Firm Relaunches Employment Recruiting Services

Since 1969, the Robert Sage organization has placed thousands of candidates in the Factory Built Structures Industry, which includes the Residential and Commercial Modular, HUD Code and Community Management Sectors.  

Modcoach checked out their website and there are jobs waiting to be filled in our industry.

The firm provides the following services to employers and candidates in the Industry: 

Executive Search: They offer the most qualified candidates in the industry for the lowest possible cost.  Placement fees are only 15% of the candidate’s 1st year compensation package.  All candidates are referenced checked, and accomplishments are verified through their screening process.  

Non-Profit Job Board:  Employers can post jobs for $.99 cents for 30 days, which is a $98.00 savings over competitor’s rates.  Ads placed are automatically inserted in the Simply-Hired Network, which includes partner sites, including MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and thousands of other content sites, social networks and blogs.  Advertisers must apply discount code 7b349a when placing an ad.  Access their job board at Robert Sage Careers.

* All profits from the job board are donated to local charities in memory of Robert E. Sage (1922-2005)  RVMH Hall of Fame Member, Class of 2005, and Michael R. Sage (1947-2010).    

For more information about the company’s services, please contact Cathy L. Sage, President, Robert Sage Careers, LLC at or call (727) 504-5350.

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Bob G said...

I must have been living under a basket because I never heard of this company.