Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 Modular Home Factories Preparing to Show Off

Showing off has never been a big thing for a lot of modular home factories but has recently become an important part of their overall marketing program. The Open House is not only a great way them to show off their homes and production lines but it also a great way for their builders to close sales.

It can be quite an investment for a factory to hold even one Open House but many of these 10 are not only doing it on monthly basis, Homeway Homes does it every Saturday!

Why do the factories open their factory for inspection by new home buyers when most of them won't sell directly to the buyer? It's to promote sales through their builder network. You would think that a builder would work his or her butt off to get their prospective customers there and walk the tour with them, explaining things on a one to one basis but in a lot of cases, that just doesn't happen.

Many builders think that entertaining the buyer is the factory rep's job so why should they bother showing up. The rep is the expert. That might be correct but it's the builder that makes the sale. I've seen builders actually closing a sale at an Open House. 

If I were a factory owner and knew that one of my builders had scheduled a buyer to tour the plant but personally wasn't showing up, I would seriously be thinking of finding another builder to replace him. If a visitor to an Open House hasn't been to a builder yet, then they assigned to the authorized builder where they live. This is one of those times that the factory rep needs to keep in touch with both the builder and the visitor as a lot of time and money and sales effort was expended and not following up would be unforgivable.
Also, if I were a builder and lived close to the factory, I would volunteer to help at every Open House and quietly snag the low hanging fruit that I could serve effectively. How many builders actually do this? 
Many modular factories are now using Facebook to promote their factories. What a great way to get people to visit the factory. One factory that is using this effectively is Signature Homes. Every day they have a new message posted. At first I wondered how long it would be before I got bored with their message but now I look forward to seeing the daily pictures of their homes, production lines and interesting articles. They are keeping their posts short, sweet and to the point. Good stuff Vic and Justin!

There are probably some that I missed but here are the 10 11 modular factories actively using Open Houses to show off!

Excel Homes - oops, missed them, sorry

My only suggestion for some of these factories is to make their Open House prominent on their website's homepage.


Anonymous said...

Hey Coach - you left out the Excel Homes 2nd Saturday Factory Tours, which does show up on the front page of the website!

Bob G said...

I think you will see a lot more Open Houses this year now that the economy is picking up. Your comment about a builder volunteering for an open house is funny but it just might get him a house or two. Good suggestion and one I might use.