Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blu Homes Hops to the Islands of Hawaii

Blu Homes, the prefab folding house company, is now selling its homes in Hawaii. Elvis would be so proud!

They partnered with Cutting Edge Development to deliver and install homes in the pineapple state. The homes will be built in Blu Homes’ Vallejo, Calif., factory.

“Blu homes are a perfect fit for Hawaii,” said Brett Chisholm, vice president of Blu Homes. “Blu Homes addresses many of the unique challenges that developers and homebuilders in Hawaii face regularly—longer building times, high energy costs and extreme weather and seismic conditions.”

Blu Homes produced eight different models for the Hawaiian market to withstand erosion, hurricane-force winds, earthquakes and excessive moisture.

The company’s model is to produce high-quality, energy efficient homes in its factory that can be transported and assembled onsite. The homes feature recycled steel framing, radiant heat flooring, high R-value walls and energy-efficient appliances.


Tim Watson said...

Congrats, Isaac.

Isaac Lassiter said...

Although we would love to accept the kind words, this is another "Cutting Edge."

Isaac Lassiter
Cutting Edge Homes Inc.