Friday, January 4, 2013

"JOB OPENINGS" Section Added

Things must be improving in the systems built industries! I've been talking to several recruiters that specialize in our industry and was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are job openings all over the US.

Always one to help things along, I decided to put up a Job Openings board in the left hand column. Today is launch day! I will have more job openings coming every week, so be sure to check often.

When you click on one of the "jobs", you will be linked to the recruiter's or factory's website. Simply email them telling them that you saw the ad on Modular Home Builder blog, give the job title, a brief intro letter and someone will get back with you quickly.

If you prefer, you can send Modcoach an email with the name of the job opening along with a cover letter, resume and earnings expectations and I'll forward it for you directly to the proper contact.

Whichever way you choose to reply, I wish you good luck and a Prosperous 2013!


Anonymous said...

What a great service you're doing for the modular home industry. I didn't know that there are so many jobs that needed filled. Even though I am not looking for a new position I now know where to look if the need arises.
You are doing what nobody else has been able to do, you are giving everyone in the modular home industry somewhere to go that is just about us.

Looking for a new job said...

I didn't think there many jobs out there for me. Maybe this will be a good year.