Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recruiter Says to be Better Prepared than Ever for that Interview

Just like preparing for hurricanes in Florida or blizzards in the North, preparing for a job interview is equally as important. It goes over and above making sure your conservative attire that is clean, neat and pressed, with clean shoes. In order to be a standout, it pays to also go above and beyond what your competition will do to secure the job. 

Modular home factory HR people and recruiters are looking for professionalism more than ever, so stepping it up a notch or two is now expected.

For example:

1. Get to know the company you are interviewing with well. Visit their website and get familiar with who they are, what they do, and what their ‘mission statement’ is, if they have one. This will give you some insight regarding what to say in response to any questions you may be asked in an interview. If you sound as though you ‘fit‘, it will help them to qualify you as a ‘fit‘. Saying what the prospective employer wants to hear can give you the edge. That’s why it pays to do your homework in advance.

2.  Do a Google search to review their most up to date press releases and news articles.  This may help you to see the hierarchy of the company and discern who their executives are.

3.  Do research on LinkedIn, as well, to get a better feel for the profile of the company.

4. Make sure you can pronounce the name(s) of those you will be interviewing with correctly.  If you are unsure of how to pronounce a person’s name, you can call in advance and ask at the front desk to make sure you are accurate. This will add to your confidence and the way you are received by the prospective employer.

5.  Practice various scenarios in your head and prepare for the unexpected. For instance, you may be expecting the person who scheduled the interview to be the only one interviewing you. In many cases, there may be two or more persons in the room at the time of the interview. This can be a bit distracting and intimidating with questions firing from all directions, if you are not prepared for it.  Also, as a good exercise, you may want to Google interview questions online that are typically asked in your industry or in an interview in general.  In this way, you can prepare ahead with a response for those questions that you feel will resonate with your prospective employer.

Finally, it’s important to wear clothing to the interview that you feel comfortable in that is in good repair and not distracting to you or others. Interviewing for a factory sales rep position doesn't mean you show up in slacks and sneakers. 

Cathy L. Sage is President of Robert Sage Careers, LLC; an Executive Search Firm and Job Board Publisher that specializes in the Factory Built Structures Industries.  Cathy Sage can be reached at (727) 540-5350 or  For more information about the company and to visit the job board, access:  

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