Friday, January 18, 2013

Thank You Notes are Necessary After the Job Interview

There are many who feel writing a thank-you note and sending it in the mail with an actual 45 cent stamp attached is about as outdated as the dinosaur. Well, guess what folks, it’s not.  Honest.  Some feel it is not necessary to take this small step, but they are mistaken. Now that we have established that a thank-you note is a good thing, what is the best route to send one?

There are various schools of thought on the subject. My personal favorite is immediately after the interview, you send an email with the words, Thank You in the subject line. Many people get numerous emails that blow up their cell phones, laptops, etc., on a daily basis. The words thank-you will pleasantly get their attention.  This keeps your name in front of them and fresh on their mind. It will set you apart from the other candidates.  

After you have submitted your thank-you via email, you then send a thank-you note or card via the good old snail mail. Yes, you read correctly. Another thank-you! Isn't it still exciting when you get an actual hand addressed letter in the mail?  You can buy and keep a stash of these nice little cards on hand for a nominal amount of money. This thank-you note will arrive a few days after your face-to-face interview and once again, they will see your name and be reminded of your qualifications and your smiling face. This thank-you note will also give you the opportunity to embellish on some of your finer attributes, and why you are the best ‘fit’ for their organization. It is also one more way to ask for the job.

Case in point: I strongly suggested to a candidate that she sends a written thank-you note as well as a thank-you email. Although she wasn’t convinced, she followed my suggestion. Lo and behold, she was asked back for the second interview. When she arrived, the hiring powers that be, actually thanked her for the note.        

It may seem like a trivial thing, but sometimes it is the small things that truly count to set you apart from the herd. Perhaps your note will be a reminder that sits on the interviewer’s desk and could very well be the deciding factor of who gets the job. You, that’s who.  Remember, being thankful is also being classy. That my friend, will never go out of style.

Cathy L. Sage is President of Robert Sage Careers, LLC; an Executive Search Firm and Job Board Publisher that specializes in the Factory-Built Structures Industries. Cathy can be reached at (727) 504-5350 or For more information about the company and to visit the job board, access

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