Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blu Homes Offers Huge Incentive to Buy Their Homes

Buying something and getting a gift card has become almost a given when buying new phone, items at Target or at my local sandwich shop. So why should it be any different with Blu Homes?

I've heard of modular home factories offering 'free heating', 'free appliance upgrades' and even discounts but few if any offer gift cards. Well, the factory direct people at Blu Homes are offering up to $20,000 in a gift card to Room & Board Furniture. That's right....$20,000! Line forms on the right.

Even if they are able to buy the gift card at a 25% discount, how many modular home factories or builders could afford that kind of hit to the bottom line? Oh, I forgot, they're using part of that $60M in marketing money to make up for any shortfall. 

Please take a few minutes and sign up for a new modern folding home direct from the factory. Don't look at the price, just at all the beautiful furniture you can get from IKEA Room and Board.

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