Monday, February 11, 2013

Gas and Diesel Tax by State

I was wondering what just the tax would be on the fuel to transport a 2 story, 4 module home from a modular home from the Sunbury, PA area to Boston, MA. This doesn't include the cost of the fuel itself, the truck expense, the labor to drive the trucks, the escort drivers, meals, insurances and tolls and overnight stays.

Turns out it's about $500 for the just the fuel taxes. Figuring round trips for 4 trucks and 8 escort vehicles (modules are 15'9" wide), the total mileage is over 9,000 miles just to deliver one house!

The cost of diesel fuel for the 4 trucks to make the roundtrip is over $1,500.

Here are the latest gas and diesel taxes for all 50 states:

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